1. The Fecund Line
    The Fecund Line
  2. The Sidney Nolan Trust
    The Sidney Nolan Trust
  3. Hereford:Walking Home
    Hereford:Walking Home
  4. Cardiff: From One Place to Another
    Cardiff: From One Place to Another
  5. #22 High Street Arcade
    #22 High Street Arcade
  6. Hereford: Walking Home
    Hereford: Walking Home
  7. Work In Progress
    Work In Progress
  8. Work In Progress
    Work In Progress
  9. Work In Progress
    Work In Progress


 I use walking and drawing as research methodology and performance/live art, to explore, re-examine and respond to a particular, often familiar, environment, and as a base for both collaborative and individual work.

Walks (and found objects, collected stories/histories, photographs and drawings) develop into paintings, installations, interventions, and events that investigate place, memory and identity.

Working across and beween disciplines and media to create new encounters with place and its connection with personal and community experience and narrative.


One half of Cashmore & Johnson - established as a project lead, collaborative practice exploring a shared interest in psychogeography, relational aesthetics and site specific inquiry; identifying sites of sociopolitical interest to create interventions and events informed by ideas of hospitality and home. 
Cashmore & Johnson is also a part of ‘Over Here’  - a newly established community based art collective that creates live events fostering diverse and participatory dialogues in communal spaces.


Part time lecturer at Hereford College of Arts where I teach on the Fine Art BA.

Part of my walking art practice - the creation and facilitation of walks and walk based workshops/events exploring the experience of place.


PAINTING:  Ongoing exploration of memory and place in relation to the materiality and illusory qualities of paint.

THE CANARY GIRLS: Response to the history of the women who worked at Royal Ordnance Munitions Factory in Rotherwas, Hereford  (Cashmore & Johnson).

NIGHT WALKS: ongoing – a series of digitally documented (filmed) solitary walks at night to explore the gendered art practice of walking as “laying claim to space without having it” (Lajer-Burcharth, E, “Duchess of Nothing: Video Space and the Woman Artist” in Armstrong C and de Zegher C, ed., Women Artists in the Millenium, (MIT 2006).).  

Facilitating ongoing walk/draw events with female members of the Polish community in Hereford to explore notions of home and (new) homemaking.

Full Moon Walks.  Ongoing collaboration with Natalie Ramus to create a series of 9 Full Moon Walks (some of which will be participatory) at The Sidney Nolan Trust