1. The Fecund Line
    The Fecund Line
  2. The Sidney Nolan Trust
    The Sidney Nolan Trust
  3. Hereford:Walking Home
    Hereford:Walking Home
  4. Drawing
  5. Collaboration
  6. Cardiff: From One Place to Another
    Cardiff: From One Place to Another
  7. Nightwalks
  8. #22 High Street Arcade
    #22 High Street Arcade
  9. Drawing
  10. Walking
  11. Hereford: Walking Home
    Hereford: Walking Home
  12. Walking
  13. Work In Progress
    Work In Progress
  14. Work In Progress
    Work In Progress
  15. Work In Progress
    Work In Progress

Celia Johnson is an artist, sometime writer, and lecturer based in Herefordshire.

She trained at Central St Martins (BA) and Cardiff School of Art (MFA Distinction) and lectures at Hereford College of Arts.

Working across a range of media, she uses walking and drawing as research methodology and performance, and is currently exploring the relationships and spaces between image, text and object, and the agency of the painted object/painting.  Her interests include scavenging, cover-ups, disguise and dissonance in relationship to the encounter with site and object.

An ongoing exploration of the relationship between illusion/representation and materiality informs her current investigation into the manipulated narratives constructed by, and in, an expanded painting practice that incorporates objects and words, assemblage and installation.

"I'm excited by surfaces and forms that obscure, cover up, that seduce and distract; in what is revealed and by what is smudged, scribbled over, altered, discarded or hidden.  By the carefully drawn and roughly copied; by what lies beneath and what is chosen for display.  By the perfect disguise."



Cashmore & Johnson - established as a project lead, collaborative practice exploring a shared interest in psychogeography, relational aesthetics and site specific inquiry; identifying sites of sociopolitical interest to create interventions and events informed by ideas of hospitality and home. 
Cashmore & Johnson is also a part of ‘Over Here’  - a newly established community based art collective that creates live events fostering diverse and participatory dialogues in communal spaces.